In the  impoverished  Eastern-European  country  of  Moldova,  orphans typically age-out of the state-run orphanages at the age of 15. Having little hope, no family and very few resources, more than 60% of orphaned girls in Moldova eventually become victims of sex traffickers.

After learning these horrendous statistics while visiting a Moldovan orphanage, two friends from lower Alabama knew they had to do something to help. They discovered a missionary couple who had a home and heart for orphans, but very little funding. A partnership was formed between the friends and the couple and the Emmanuel House became a reality.

The  Emmanuel  House, located near Chisinau,  Moldova, aims  to  rescue  15 - 21 year old girls from  dangerous  situations  and  give  them  every  opportunity  possible  to  have  a wonderful life.  

 Once a girl arrives at Emmanuel House, she is provided with a comfortable bed, new clothing, healthcare, three meals daily and all other basic needs. She is enrolled in local schools, taught important life skills and encouraged to pursue her biggest dreams. Most importantly, she discovers the life-changing faithfulness of God, the genuine love of a family and the empowerment that comes from making wise choices.  Our home is small in number typically housing 8-12 girls. We like it this way as it enables us to  provide  one-on-one  care  in a family environment. While  all  of  our  girls  have  experienced  the  heartache  of  losing  a  parent  either  through  death,  abandonment  or  absenteeism,  we  know  each  girl  has  purpose  and  meaning. Our hope is to help them find and fulfill that purpose.

Emmanuel House began in 2013 and is an initiative of Projects That Matter, Inc., a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (NGO) licensed in the State of Alabama, tax id #47-1566544. 
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Doors have opened broadly for us throughout Eastern Europe and we are working diligently to help as many orphans as possible find families - and safety - through roads of hope.

We expect to add two new girls to our home in Chisinau, Moldova, this summer, bringing the total occupancy there to 11. Through a partnership with First Baptist Church of Belgorod-Dnistrovsky, Ukraine, we opened a new home last September that is providing safety and housing to 10 children of all ages.

We started a non-profit in Ukraine that is allowing us to host adoptable children in the United States. This summer families in Virginia, Tennessee and Alabama will open their homes to these children. We expect to host more orphans in the United States in December.


In September, we are launching a sponsorship program that will allow us to remove orphans from state-run facilities and place them with approved foster families in Moldova and Ukraine. For just $35 a month, donors will have opportunity to sponsor an orphan and totally change the child’s life. Our goal is to find sponsors for 300 children by the end of 2017.

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The Lord is moving in our ministries, but what we need more than anything else is prayer. The road ahead of us can only be handled with prayer. We are seeking to enlist thousands of people to join us in praying that the forgotten, neglected and orphaned children of the world will find hope, love and life. 

Join Roads of Prayer


PRAY FOR funding

Through the generosity of so many people we have been able to take care of many orphans’ needs. However, the needs are greater than what our current funding can provide. We need additional children to be sponsored and we need funding to open new homes.

PRAY FOR the children being hosted

Our specific prayer is that the children are receptive to who God is and that the host families continue to know how to communicate, love the children and meet their spiritual and emotional needs.

PRAY FOR The emmanueL house girls from moldova

The girls were not granted their visas by the U.S. Embassy and are very disappointed. Our specific prayer is that girls have a tremendous, God-filled and meaningful summer in spite of this. 

PRAY FOR the older orphans now under our care in ukraine

Specifically, during our group’s recent trip in July we provided housing and a commitment of care to several older orphans who were in a very vulnerable position. Pray that these orphans begin to understand what love is and who God is and that our team will know how to best minister to them.





The Emmanuel House, located in a suburb of Chisinau, Moldova, became an all girls' home in December 2013. The three story house consists of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The home has a third level which has not been completed, but will one day provide much needed space for additional girls.

The greatest part of Emmanuel House is the people living there. Currently we have ten girls living in the home and we are very blessed to have Marius and Anna Albu-Simionas serving as our house parents along with their family. Anna herself grew up as an orphan, which enables her to fully understand the challenges each girl in our home is facing. Marius is an evangelist, pastor, and also an instructor in the subject of character at the state orphanages. The Simionas' have four biological children and are originally from Oradea, Romania.  

As you look at the photos on this page, you will see some of the significant improvements that we have been able to make in the last three years.  The house before was cold, dark, and full of mildew. There was only one bathroom being shared by 15 people. The kitchen cabinets were falling apart and the appliances did not work well. The floors were cracked and cold. The beds were old, stinky and worn out.  Today, however, the house has been completely renovated with the installation of a heating unit and insulation along with new beds, floors, painted walls and bathroom! Our new renovated kitchen has been a huge blessing as more than 300 meals are served each week! 

The girls of Emmanuel House have a wonderful place to call home. We are so thankful to everyone who has helped make this happen. 


About Trafficking



The facts are simply horrifying! 

  • 2 out of every 3 girls become victims of sex trafficking once they age out of the state ran orphanages of Moldova at the age of 16.

  • Once a girl becomes a victim of sex trafficking, on average she will be forced to have more than 6,000 sexual encounters.

  • Once a girl becomes a victim of human trafficking, on average she will be dead within 6 years! 

 These staggering statistics are the reason we committed to do everything that we can to rescue girls and give them a meaningful life full of color. We simply cannot stand idly by doing nothing when we know we can do something!

While the Emmanuel House girls have faced numerous challenges, fortunately, none of our girls have been victimized by sex trafficking. Why? 1) Because caring people decided to step in and give so that we can maintain a safe place for the girls to call home and 2) Heroic girls made the choice to come live at our home and they make the choice every day to step toward a better life. Together we are literally breaking the chains of horror and death and giving a new life! 


Ways to help



We want to establish a team of individuals and church small groups around the world who will regularly pray for each girl individually. We believe in prayer and we believe that every child should have someone praying for them. Please contact us if you are interested in adopting a girl through prayer. 





Caring people need to know about this important work. You can help them know! How?

  • Invite a speaker to your church, small group or organization;
  • Start a human trafficking advocacy group in your hometown or on a college campus;
  • Receive the monthly newsletter and forward it to others.
  • Like our Facebook page and share our post with your friends.  


Will you become a monthly sponsor of one of the girls? Ninety-eight percent of your contribution goes directly to providing food, clothing, housing, healthcare, education, and all of the other necessities for life. Your gift will have a significant impact on the life of a child. Please give today.  




We want to provide the girls with incredible opportunities! One of the opportunities is for some of the girls to visit the United States. You can help by:

  1. Financially assisting one of the girls with her flight and expenses;
  2. Hosting 1-2 of the girls in your home this summer (application process is required);
  3. Inviting the girls to speak to your church or organization.


Join one of our groups and actually visit the Emmanuel House in Moldova. While in country, you can meet the girls, visit an orphanage, host a medical clinic, explore the countryside or any other number of mission endeavors. Contact us and let us know if you or your church group would like to go.   


A Word from Dr. JOE Savage

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I am incredibly blessed to be part of the Emmanuel House! My personal involvement has been the single greatest joy I have ever experienced in my 25+ years of full-time ministry and work around the world. Though I have been in and out of orphanages and poor villages everywhere, there is nothing that compares to the work of Emmanuel House. 

For me, my involvement started when I stepped onto the grounds of the state orphanage in Moldova in March 2014. As I personally learned of the horrific plight of young girls into a life of sex trafficking, I knew I had to do something more. I, along with my good friend Jeff Copeland, began to pray and ask God what we could do to help. This is when we encountered Marius and Ana Albu-Simionas who had started a home for at-risk girls in a suburb of Chisinau, Moldova. After visiting the home and meeting the girls, we began to ask God to give us favor in raising funds so that we could help more girls and renovate the house. Today, God has put together a group of amazing people who make the Emmanuel House a reality every day for ten beautiful girls. Our donors and volunteers are true servants of people who have huge hearts and deep compassion. Our house parents are the best. Our house has become a true family home and a place of refuge. We could not be doing all that we are doing without the sacrificial help of so many. 

I love the girls who live at the Emmanuel House. Each one has so much strength, faith, and determination. The more I am with the girls, the more I understand that all each girl really wants is love, family, and a safe place to live. I am so grateful that we are able to provide all three of these to them. I invite you to be involved in this work. Your involvement will be one of the greatest things you will ever do in life. Let me know if I can help you.

 --Dr. Joe Savage
CEO, Projects that Matter Inc./Emmanuel House

P.S. I want you to know that we are now also working in Ukraine. We have a home for children of all ages in the city of Belgorod-Dnistrosvsky. Additionally, we are hosting orphans to America in summer 2017 as well as bringing over several girls from the Emmanuel House. Be watching as new updates to this site will be rolling out soon.



Please fill out the contact information below and we will be in touch soon. Thank you!


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Phone: (251) 460-3257

Email: joecsavage@gmail.com


Need a Speaker?

Dr. Joe Savage or one of the members of our team is available to speak to your church, civic group, or organization. Please email or call us to arrange a date.

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